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San Jose Evergreen CCD

Client: San Jose Evergreen CCD

Name of Project & Location: Facilities Bond Construction & Modernization Program, San Jose, CA

Construction Value: N/A

TSG Role: Pre-Qualification Services

Description of Project:

TSG provides Pre-Qualification services for the District, beginning with contractor education at the job walk and continuing throughout the entire pre-bid period. We review all pre-qual applications for completeness and accuracy, confirm licenses are up to date, and contact references regarding past projects. We also assist the District in reviewing financial statements and bonding information to confirm the financial stability of applicants. Notices of determination are prepared and submitted to each contractor, establishing the final pool of qualified bidders. Lastly, we advise the District when changes in the law require modification of pre-qual requirements.

TSG Value Add:

TSG helped the District refine its scoring system by weighting relevant criteria (scored questions, references, bonding capacity, etc.) based on how strongly each variable correlates to a successful project. Ultimately, we were able to create a system that TSG, the District, and contractors agree is fair.